Dr. Nancy Gahles outlines certain issues that arise with the Affordable Care Act and how we can create a healthcare System that will effectively address these issues.

Why you should watch

Discover the changes needed in order for the Affordable Care Act to be successful.


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Dr. Nancy Gahles, DC, CCH, RSHom (NA) has maintained an integrative healthcare family practice since 1980 focusing on chiropractic, nutrition, family dynamics, homeopathy, yoga, meditation and spiritual wellness. She is a Certified Classical Homeopath as well as author of “The Power of $elf Care: A Common Sense Guide to YOUR Wellness Solution” and presented a TEDxTalk of the same name. Dr. Gahles is CEO and Founder of Health & Harmony Wellness Education, TeleHealth & Harmony and where her focus is on the legal and regulatory issues of telehealth for the integrative healthcare provider.

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