Dr. David Moore describes how to change the world through chiropractic. He emphasizes the transition from a medical mindset to a vitalistic chiropractic lifestyle mindset and why it is imperative for our practice members to understand and embrace lifetime care.

Why you should watch

You will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of defining your “why” – your vision and purpose – and how it will  define your impact in communicating the value lifetime chiropractic care, for everyone, and how to implement it in practice.


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During the past fourteen years, Dr. David Moore has built a successful private chiropractic practice, On Track Chiropractic Center in Clifton, NJ. Dr. Moore is dedicated to providing excellent chiropractic patient care and educating practice members about the Chiropractic Lifestyle. Dr. Moore has appeared on Health Talk, Power Hour and Thirty Minutes to Living Longer. He is a speaks to audiences who are interested in learning about living a healthy lifestyle. His engagements have included North Jersey businesses, Community Organizations and professional peer organizations including New Beginnings, Purposeful Connections, the New Jersey Association of Chiropractors and Learning Curves. On Track Chiropractic Center is a 100 Year Lifestyle affiliate in Clifton,NJ.

LIFE Vision

Life University’s LIFE Vision Seminar provides ongoing inspiration and a community for likeminded, purpose-driven chiropractic professionals. LIFE Vision is a two-day shot of high-energy, high-impact inspirational and educational moments as well as practical, skills-oriented break-out sessions. These seminars, which take place multiple times a year, are designed to bring current and future chiropractic leaders of vitalistic perspectives together to connect and recharge. Learn more at