Alvin Toffler stated “Change is not necessary to life, it is life.” The most enduring leaders and companies have adapted to change, just like a chameleon. Keeping up with the times creates enduring influence and prosperity. Too often, Chiropractors remain stagnant. Their influence is minimal. Dr. Austin Cohen shows that adapting to a changing society will increase the impact and success of a chiropractic office or any other company.

Why you should watch

Change is difficult but necessary. Watching his video, you’ll be inspired to take a fresh look at your practice in context with the ever-changing world in which we live. Dr. Cohen lays out the framework for embracing change in a way that creates prosperity.


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Dr. Austin Cohen began chiropractic school in Atlanta and opened his state-of-the-art clinic there in 2009. During his first year in practice, he was invited to appear on CNN, CBS, and The Weather Channel to present as a health expert on different topics related to healthy living. He has been a guest on numerous radio stations and currently has his own show on TALK 920 AM on Sundays from 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM titled Half-Hour to Health. Dr. Cohen has recently published a book called “Supercharge Your Health: 30 Habits in 30 Days.”

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