Those who have experienced the value of chiropractic for health and healing understand that the chiropractic profession will be unstoppable when it reaches the critical Tipping Point of 18%. Dr. Guy Riekeman briefly shares how and why reaching this benchmark will positively impact humanity.

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Learn the specific, simple steps you can take to build the network we need to share our story as the leader in low cost, low risk, high value healthcare.


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Dr. Guy F. Riekeman is the president of Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He brings an uplifting vision and a wealth of practical experience to this critical leadership position, consistently demonstrating a unique ability to articulate meaning and inspire discipline for far-reaching success.

Dr. Riekeman obtained his chiropractic degree in 1972 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He created companies and seminar programs to improve chiropractic practice and facilitate personal growth. Quest, founded in 1987, became one of the most acclaimed of such enterprises, helping doctors worldwide with both business and patient care. Dr. Riekeman is a highly sought motivational speaker.

Life University

Life University’s LIFE Vision Seminar provides ongoing inspiration and a community for likeminded, purpose-driven chiropractic professionals. LIFE Vision is a two-day shot of high-energy, high-impact inspirational and educational moments as well as practical, skills-oriented break-out sessions. These seminars, which take place multiple times a year, are designed to bring current and future chiropractic leaders of vitalistic perspectives together to connect and recharge. Learn more at