Dr. Bezold shares a model of what Chiropractic may become within the next 10 years, including how chiropractors can affect the population as primary healthcare providers. The studies he presents are limited to neck and back pain, reflecting the limitations of chiropractic in the public’s mindset. Dr. Bezold’s forward-looking perspective calls for chiropractic to engage with other like-minded professions in a general healthcare model to provide wellness approaches for patients.

Why you should watch

To gain a view of the future that can come only from unifying the profession.


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Dr. Clement Bezold is founder and chairman of the Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF). Dr. Bezold established IAF in 1977 and, in 1982, he started IAF’s for-profit subsidiary, Alternative Futures Associates, to assist corporations in their strategic planning using futures methods. Dr. Bezold has published numerous books and reports on the future of government, the courts and healthcare. He is a consulting editor of the Journal of Futures Studies and is on the editorial and advisory boards of Technology Forecasting and Social Change, Foresight, and World Future Review.

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