Hitler said “The big masses will be more easily fooled by a big lie than a small lie.” The big lie of vaccination has created fear across the United States. Research indicates that death rates from communicable diseases decreased as we adopted healthier living practices (such as public sanitation) in the early 20th century. However, vaccine manufacturers have attempted to take credit for the improvement in health conditions. Now this big lie continues in the court of public opinion. Some states require mandatory vaccination prior to entering school. Studies show that the immune system is more fully developed by illness that is allowed to run its course. Chiropractic has been shown to also increase immune function, thus allowing the body to better fight off illness, creating a healthier human being.

Why you should watch

To increase awareness of vaccination vs natural immunity.


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Cathy Wendland-Colby, D.C. reaches millions of woman through her website “Educated Pregnancy” and thousands of people everyday on her YouTube Channel, “Doctor Cathy.” She is a 1999 graduate of Life University, a LIFEforce 1000 Doctor, PEAK Doctor, a member of the President’s Circle and a skilled and passionate practitioner.

Her contributions, in the form of videos demonstrating how women can exercise their full power – from pregnancy and natural childbirth to successful breastfeeding, have reached people around the world. Few chiropractors have done more to promote their profession as a perfect pathway mothers can take for a healthy educated pregnancy.

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