Dr. Sharon Gorman shares how she and we as a chiropractic profession get clear on the purpose and how we should “fill ourselves up” to provide for our patients and community. Seminars are provided to us to re-anchor ourselves to what chiropractic is about and how we can remain certain. Are we surrounding ourselves with loving and uplifting people to continue to provide our certainty? If we aren’t filling ourselves up and loving ourselves we can’t provide the same for our patients. She reminds you to be who you should be to better love and serve.

Why you should watch.

Remind yourself how to fill up your heart and mind.


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The enthusiasm Sharon Gorman, D.C. has for Chiropractic is boundless. She actively practices its art, shares its philosophy, mentors its students, and serves on the board of Life University, where she graduated (1984). She does all these things in the service of advancing her profession, while also managing multiple high-volume practices where she shepherds young docs starting their careers.

Dr. Gorman is cofounder of the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW), an organization dedicated to maximizing women’s potential to balance the leadership of the profession she loves. Thanks to her tireless commitment, LCW provides leadership development for women in Chiropractic worldwide.

LIFE Vision

Life University’s LIFE Vision Seminar provides ongoing inspiration and a community for likeminded, purpose-driven chiropractic professionals. LIFE Vision is a two-day shot of high-energy, high-impact inspirational and educational moments as well as practical, skills-oriented break-out sessions. These seminars, which take place multiple times a year, are designed to bring current and future chiropractic leaders of vitalistic perspectives together to connect and recharge. Learn more at