It used to be that reaching 100 years of age was an incredible landmark. Now, 100 is becoming the “new normal.” Eric Plasker, D.C. discusses how do you build a life when it’s going 20-40 years beyond what’s been expected in previous generations. “We have the first generation in history that is getting the advanced notice that whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not, we’re probably going to live longer than we ever thought,” says Dr. Plasker.

Why you should watch

Learn how to reach the “new normal” of surviving to be 100 and beyond – and, even more, how to have the health and vitality you need to thrive in your centenary years.


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Eric Plasker, D.C. is a Life University graduate who believes that living to age 100 with a great quality of life when you get there is not only possible, but probable, when living a chiropractic lifestyle. Dr. Plasker is also the best selling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle, now in its second edition.

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