Michael Karlin

Michael Karlin

Dr. Michael Karlin is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Life University in the Positive Human Development and Social Change Department and the Associate Director of the Life University Center for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics. Dr. Karlin received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Jewish Studies from Emory University in 2014. His dissertation, “‘To Create a Dwelling Place for God’: Life Coaching and the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic Movement in Contemporary America,” is an ethnographic study of two Jewish life coaching programs that blend psychology, religion and contemplative practice in order to provide resources with which individuals can construct moral selves and heal psychological wounds. Dr. Karlin is also a Fellow of the Tam Institute of Jewish Studies and the Mind and Life Institute.


Prior to graduate school Dr. Karlin was the founder and President of the Mythic Imagination Institute, a non-profit institution dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of myth and ritual and how it functions in daily life.  Additionally, he served as the Chairman of the Executive Board of the Alliance for a New Humanity, an international non-profit organization founded by two Nobel Peace Prize winners and Deepak Chopra that attempted to address pressing international issues by bridging the spheres of politics, economics, and religion.


Dr. Karlin is also an active real estate investor and was co-founder of Security First Network Bank, the world’s first Internet bank, and S1 Corporation, Inc. (NASDAQ: SONE), the world’s leading provider of financial portal solutions. He was president of Security First Network Bank at its inception, and was responsible for setting up the Internet operations, defining the original product offering, and receiving all regulatory approvals.  Prior to SFNB, Karlin co-founded VST Financial Services, an SBA lending subsidiary of Cardinal Bancshares, Inc. of Lexington, Kentucky.



Leading with Compassionate Integrity Workshop

Brendan Ozawa-de Silva, Ph.D. and Michael Karlin, Ph.D.


Being an effective leader requires mastering personal and inter-personal skills not typically taught in business school or on the job. These include cognitive and emotional skills, such as mindfulness, emotional awareness and emotion regulation, as well as inner values like courage and forbearance that are critical for leading with clarity, balance, equanimity and integrity. They also include pro-social skills, such as forgiveness, gratitude, generosity, empathy and compassion. Research shows that these skills can be systematically cultivated through practice, changing the brain and body in measurable ways. The cultivation of such skills enables one to become a transformational leader, who engenders greater creativity, satisfaction, loyalty, trust, workplace integrity, and wellness among his or her team-members. This positive work environment in turn leads to less stress, emotional exhaustion and turnover, and ultimately to more satisfied customers. In this highly experiential workshop, you will learn the science behind the skills necessary to lead with compassionate integrity as well as key practices for cultivating these skills in your personal and professional life.