10 reasons why you will want to be there

  1. Learn - This is the most obvious motivation for most people who attend conferences – listen to and learn from experts.
  2. Develop a continuous improvement mentality - learn to address limitations by implementing LIFE Talks Lifestyle Changes (LTLCs)
  3. Network - The opportunity to get to know and meet new people with a common vision and move toward social change.
  4. Content - Offering leading-edge thought on important current issues. When teams go to a conference, leaders ask, "what content will you bring back?" and they know the expectation. When we go anywhere we are tweeting, live blogging and/or posting to social networks we feel are relevant. By being part of the conference buzz, your company name gets out there, and you get a slice of that coveted thought leadership pie.
  5. Share - Participants will learn, network and create content. To truly make it valuable, they've got to bring all that back and share it with those who didn't get to attend, but could benefit. Having the extra responsibility of bringing something back to share encourages your team to be present and engaged during the conference.
  6. Deeper Discovery - The conference provides thought-provoking and illuminating learning.
  7. Welcoming Atmosphere - The LIFE Talks Congress offers a sense of community and "family" that can sustain the participants’ spirit as they venture forward to navigate their personal lives and career paths.
  8. Real-Time - Nothing beats the face-to-face value of conference attendance for networking and mentoring.
  9. Inspiration - The presence of so many thought leaders, business people, educators and professionals gathered for good purpose is uplifting, sustaining and joyous.
  10. The creation of a learning community dedicated to positive change. The learning environment will encourage participants to exchange experiences, ideas and practices from their own companies. They will all leave with LIFE Talks Lifestyle Changes (LTLCs) to enhance their personal and professional lives, and add value to their families. and organization